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When to Think About Replacing Your Furnace

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When to Think About Replacing Your Furnace

When to Think About Replacing Your Furnace

You might be wondering, why is my furnace breaking down so frequently? Why is my energy bill going up? Why is my furnace’s burner flame yellow? Below, we will go over these and other signals your furnace can give off, that can clue you in on when you should think about installing a new furnace.

Are the repairs adding up on your furnace? Maybe it is time to look at updating your furnace. Typically, the older your furnace is, the greater the chance you will need repairs.

Yellow Burner Flame
The flame is supposed to be blue in color. A mostly yellow flame indicates an incomplete burn and your furnace could be producing carbon monoxide. You should call your local service provider to inspect your furnace, as carbon monoxide is dangerous.

Uncomfortable Home
Does your furnace adequately heat your home? Call us at Artlip and Sons to evaluate and provide possible solutions to the heating issue.

Energy Costs Going Up Without Increased Usage
If energy costs increase without a corresponding increase in use, it could mean your furnace is malfunctioning, causing it to run inefficiently.

Broken Down
If your furnace stops working, then you will need an Artlip and Sons technician to look it over and diagnose the problem. The unit may just need a repair, but depending on the repair and the age of your furnace, replacement could be a more cost-effective option. Generally, furnaces will last 15-20 years if maintained properly.

If any of the above is happening to your furnace, give us a call at 630-896-1560, or reach out to us via email at info@artlipandsons.com. We will make the process of diagnosing, or even replacing, as painless as possible. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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