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It’s not shocking that the heat is very high during summer, which means every family uses an air conditioner to keep itself cold, but like any other thing in the universe. They are fallible things that can break down, and when that happens, it’s usually disappointing and uncomfortable; even if they are old and of excellent quality, wear and tears appear in every model, and it can put you in the red if you aren’t careful about it.

Introduction: Importance of a reliable AC unit

The last thing you want in your house is an AC that breaks for no reason. These units are the most important things for people in the summer because they keep the entire room cool and easy to sit in. The AC also helps humidify the room, a lesser-known feature of ACs.

The AC also helps with the mold that can form on walls and affect infrastructure, which is once again a lesser-known benefit of the AC that is very useful for long-term benefits.

Signs of Replacement: Frequent repairs

The most in-your-face sign would be that you need to fix your AC repeatedly; if the technician visits more than your relatives, you can deduce that your AC is not in the state to work anymore and would be better off replaced. The cost of these repeated repairs can quickly surpass the investment in a new, more reliable unit.

Besides, an old, failing air conditioner often needs help maintaining a consistent temperature, resulting in poor performance and inefficiency. By noting these signs early on, you can prevent unnecessary stress and ensure your home remains comfortable throughout the year.

Signs of Replacement: Inefficiency

We all know a good AC works well, but it must be fixed to work at a good or acceptable rate. That’s a bad sign. Your AC unit could be blamed if your energy bills steadily increase without significantly changing usage. As time passes, the AC loses its ability to cool the room with the same amount of energy and has to rely on more energy to do its thing.

An outdated or inefficient air conditioner may also need help to cool your home effectively. Some rooms remain warm despite the unit being run continuously. This makes you uncomfortable and affects the system by putting more strain on it than needed.

Signs of Replacement: Poor performance

Every air conditioner has a basic lowest performance standard; most AC units should distribute air equally, cool the room down in under 20 minutes, having no wear or tear in the compressor or refrigerant lines.

If you see any of these things, it’s a sign that your AC is performing way too poorly and should be replaced with something more practical and valuable than what it is giving you right now.

Signs of Replacement: Age Over ten years old

Air conditioners usually last a decade or 15 years at best, considering they are made from fine materials and kept in a good place; if they are older than 15, replacing them might be a good idea.

Wear and tear is very effective on older items, chewing away their usability and overall performance to the point that the air conditioner eats up refrigerant that isn’t cheap and usually doesn’t even cool the room down in the end.

In such cases, it’s better to get a newer air conditioner that’s more environmentally friendly and useful in the long and short term than whatever you have for yourself.

Artlip & Sons’ Professional Expertise and Services

Artlip & Sons’ professional expertise in air conditioning services is rooted in decades of experience and industry knowledge. As a trusted provider, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients ‘ needs.

Our top-of-the-food chain technicians are specially trained to handle any installation, maintenance, or repair while being good enough at customer care to help you out with any questions or problems you may face at any time during your process. Of course, they can always help you themselves if you assign a particular technician.

At Artlip & Sons, we pride ourselves on transparent communication, clear explanations, and honest recommendations. Trust in our expertise to deliver unparalleled air conditioning services, keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

Benefits of New AC: Advanced Features

Modern air conditioners have advanced features that significantly enhance user experience and efficiency. The most popular feature has to be the smart thermostat, a temperature-sensitive helper that helps stabilize the room by measuring temperature and adjusting accordingly.

It can even control things like the overall coldness, the speed of the compressors, the air that is exerted, the power a unit uses, and many more features that a person can play around with.

Benefits of New AC: Reliability

New air conditioners offer enhanced reliability, meaning fewer repairs are needed over their lifespan. Modern units with updated technology and materials ensure robust performance and longevity. Unsurprisingly, newer ACs break down less often and are usually bought with warranties and discounts on sales to help their dependability.

If you invest in a new air conditioning system, you can be more at ease when using it since it’s a trusty investment that is more profitable than repairs every other week or maintenance on the hottest days of the year.


How often should I replace the air filter in my AC unit?

They are durable and often last a very long time, but depending on how you use them and other factors like weather and where you store them, you should replace them every three months. This also helps keep the AC in check, ignoring the ship of Theseus problem we might face if we replaced every part.

What is the best temperature at which to set my air conditioner?

The most basic option is 25 degrees Celcius, which is usually the temperature it works best at. You can increase the temperature by a few degrees when you are away or sleeping to save on energy costs without sacrificing too much comfort.

How can I improve the efficiency of my current air conditioner?

You can improve your situation by cleaning the AC regularly, replacing the air filters, and keeping them clean; it also helps if you clean the outdoor unit, make sure the insulation is installed correctly, and do routine checks to support the AC work properly.

What are the key factors when choosing a new AC unit?

For a start, you can always choose an air conditioner rated high in efficiency and has a fittable size for your home; if you are more concerned, you can find out what refrigerant is used and what it comes with.


This guide has provided insightful information about updating your air conditioning system. Recognizing signs like age and poor performance can prompt timely replacements, ensuring comfort and efficiency. Artlip & Sons’ professional expertise guarantees exceptional service for all AC needs, from repairs to installations. Embracing new air conditioners with advanced features and enhanced reliability improves your home’s cooling performance, offers user-friendly options, and reduces repair costs. Remember to maintain your system by replacing filters regularly, setting optimal temperatures, and ensuring proper insulation. Making an informed decision about a new AC unit will provide long-lasting comfort and energy efficiency.