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When To Think About Replacing Your Furnace


You might be wondering, why is my furnace breaking down so frequently? Why is my energy bill going up? Why is my furnace’s burner flame yellow? Below, we will go over these and other signals your furnace can give off, that can clue you in on when you should think about installing a new furnace. […]

Healthy Home Air


The idea of “Healthy Air” has been around for many years, however, due to the recent light shed on our country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans may be wondering: “Is the air we are breathing safe? How can we better purify our air?” Although there is no clear solution to the problems facing us in regards […]

Below Zero Temperatures? No Problem!


Here at Artlip and Sons we pride ourselves on being available for our customers even on the coldest of winter days. If you are experiencing any sort of inadequate heating in your home or business during this cold snap we’ve been having—please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We also recommend scheduling a simple […]

What Does Seer Have To Do With Your Air Conditioner?


When looking at getting a new air conditioner it helps to know a thing or two about them so you can make the correct purchase. One important factor you may have heard someone mention, is the term “SEER.” What does SEER mean and how is it related to your air conditioner? Let’s start by laying […]

Single-Stage Furnace Vs Two-Stage Furnace


Is it time for you to replace your furnace? Do you wonder how furnaces differ? Furnaces come in a few different variations. Single-stage and two-stage are the two basic variations of furnaces. Furnace AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency according to Energy Star, is the amount of fuel that is actually converted to heat, i.e. […]